Sunday, December 25, 2011

Foundation 2D Fall Semester

2D was one of my favorite classes. It covered every basic color theory, only in depth and a lot more particular. I am now a master of acrylic color mixing. I am also more wise at painting meticulous details. I have also lost some brain cells from inhaling rubber cement for long periods of time. It all evens out.

First Project-

We were assigned to color in squares. First page would be one square. The second would be two and so on. This went on till the last page was completely colored except for one square. What was the point of this? I wasn't really sure since I didn't listen that much during that first class. I was a great student from the beginning!

But things changed!

When the class arranged them all together, magic happened! This was the prompt for the real assignment. Lacking a strong vocabulary and weak writing skills, the best way I can describe the assignment was to create a pattern of sorts that transitioned from black to white, creating multiple picture planes depending on which way you looked. 

Here is the original Illustrator version. I was allowed to be fancy because I am a fancy person when it comes to Illustrator. It's a lovely transition of の and ノ. I'm not including the painted version, since it is terribly done. But it is 30 x 6'' so it's kinda cool in a way...

Second Project-

Ahh yeaaah, we be learning the grayscale! Before we were allowed to do this bad-boy digitally, we had to mix the colors perfectly and paint it all out perfectly. Anyway, after that ordeal, we had to collect textures and match one to each gray. Luckily, we were allowed to use photoshop to help adjust them, which is good cause I was cheating from the start. 

Using the grayscale, we then created lovely op art! Mine is a fleur de lis because I'm classy. 

Taking this image, it became-

We had to replicate it using the textures. That means I spent a lot of time trying to cut out over 500 hexagons and rubber cementing them in an orderly manner. It definitely is a little messy, which is slightly upsetting considering how much effort I put into it. But my teacher called it "painterly" like what we saw at the de Kooning retrospective. So I felt better. 

Third Project-

Color. This is advanced stuff. Like the grayscale, we made a color wheel that was trimmed to make a color square!

Using our new understanding of the rainbow, we then proceeded to make something interesting out of signs found around the city. Mine is quite simple. I like things to be nice and clean.

But the last project was a behemoth. 

First we had to photograph ourselves or a friend in a cinematic fashion. The photo was edited in photoshop to be more graphic and colorful. The last step, of course, was to paint.

Measuring at 20 x 24'', this was the smallest painting of the class. But look at that detailed dress! The pattern was my personal challenge. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I was working on it constantly for 2 weeks and believed I could finish it with plenty of time leftover. This ended up becoming an unintentional last minute all nighter. There are a lot of spots that could be cleaned up, but for the most part I am very proud at how this turned out.

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