Monday, December 26, 2011

Foundation Lab Fall Semester

I took me awhile to completely understand the purpose of Lab. If I am correct, it's to simulate the working environment, i.e. collaborating with multiple people and pulling all nighters. It also assigns as mandatory nyc exploring.

First Project-

We were assigned a unique location and had to somehow place ourselves in it. I was given the Grand Army Plaza Arch in Brooklyn. Most girls placed themselves in front of the building, I was literally the statue. 

Second Project-

In groups of 2, we were given a three locations that all had something in common. With these locations we had to map them as jigsaw puzzles. My group was given the ferries from Governor's Island, Staten Island, and Ellis Island. We ended up mapping the ferries by making pop-ups of the terminals. 

Third Project-

Groups of 4 were given areas that we had to make extensive descriptive word lists for. The groups then traded lists. My group's list was for Harlem. With the words on the list we had to create 3 posters to represent Harlem. One poster had to be linear, another a body part, and lastly an object. One girl created a font that was reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance. To fit that theme, the outline of the iconic Billy Holiday photo was done completely in minuscule text. For the object, an old fashioned hat was illustrated completely in text, bow and all.   

Maybe I'll upload two of the posters later. It's hard to see the detail in the photo. 

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