Saturday, December 24, 2011

Foundation 3D Fall Semester

This class...

I will easily admit that anything three dimensional leaves my brain blank of creativity. I rarely like anything sculptural unless it serves a purpose. This class was definitely an exercise of successfully building something and making it look good. I'm not going to say that my projects ever satisfied the latter, but I will tell you that I (usually) tried hard and that this class was the biggest source of stress for me. I was worried I wouldn't pass. That's how stressed I got sometimes. Though in the end, my grade was quite good. Huh...

First Project - 

We had to draw a classmate in continuous line without looking down at the paper. Then we had to replicate it using wire and sew it unto a mounting board.

Second Project- 

We got three dimensional with wire! I made a strange crown/flower sculpture.

Third Project-

We learned how to make model polyhedrons and then draft them. The project had to feature 2 polyhedrons. I feel like I both bullshitted and genuinely worked on this one. I was aiming for the pieces to fit perfectly, but it was impossible for me. I tried to cover up the blemished with pretty art.

Fourth Project-

Plaster casting! We had to loosely base it off of an artist. I chose Maxfield Parrish. My idea was to create stairs with a wall and circular object embedded into it. Again, I tried to mask my short comings with pretty pictures. 

Last Project-

Tension and compression! I didn't want to buy new materials, so the wire and yarn raise their ugly heads again. Though I find myself quite clever at using an old paint-covered t-shirt as the pretty fabric. The title of the piece was "Withered Crown no. 9." The only reason there was a number was because it looked good in the font I used. 

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