Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy News!!!

...That I never really mentioned before this!

I was accepted to Parsons. And might I say I am quite proud about that. It was the only school I applied to and at last minute, to boot.

Being accepted removes some of my stress and brings onward all of my other (financial) issues. Gaaah! It must be possible! I can get financial aid and loans, right?! I'm just too accustomed to applying to small specialty schools that don't offer assistance. Freakin' traumatized.

Well, stepping aside from that surprisingly personal and incoherent paragraph, I will present to you the final 3 illustrations that helped me get in.

This is the hallway at Strasberg

This lovely little nook is found at the Brandon

This doozy is at the Met

So if it isn't obvious, my Parsons Challenge theme was arches~!

This idea was the first thing that came to mind when I was at the information session. "Something that I overlook but is important to my life? Arches!!!" I hadn't realized architecture was that crucial in my life (besides stairs...). 

A part of the assignment was to write a small essay for each piece. This was harder / easier than previously expected. I hadn't realized how long 250 could be - about an arch. Also, I didn't realize how passionate I really was about arches. 

As I was typing away, I kept thinking that this must be all bullshit. That I was just trying to fill the word count requirement. But upon contemplation, it turns out I mean't every single word!

Here, an excerpt...

"The arch and its small adornments were no last attempts to bring warmth to the room. They are more like the specters of what the building once was..."

I would post them all, but I am simultaneously embarrassed and protective of my architectonical analyses.    

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