Monday, April 25, 2011

This shouldn't bother me

The best way to describe my time in acting school is to measure out my personal changes.

  • The first four weeks I am spirited and dedicated to my assignments. 
  • Experience epiphany after disappointing audition. "Is that what I really want?" What follows is about a week of sobbing on the floor.
  • Decide to apply to Parsons. A week of "Glad I figured that out quickly." I also go to Florida.
  • Return to NY and am hospitalized with a stomach virus. The remainder of the week is spent in bed.
  • The remaining few weeks at acting school are uneventful. Peers and teachers give me looks that just scream "As if you can draw."
So in a form of retribution (for lack of a better word), I drew this:

In five minutes, no less. This is a milestone for my photoshop drawing skills. It was a moment where everything seemed to be going right. After completing this, it immediately became my facebook profile picture. It was my shout to the world, "See! I can draw!!"

I know I shouldn't care what they think. It was just frustrating. The whole time I was at that school, I gave away my cards and explained my freelancing work. Not a single person actually bothered to look at my art. 

I also doodled this.

This one is nothing impressive. 

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