Thursday, March 10, 2011

All these obstacles!

About to weeks ago I decided to apply for Parsons. The application is quite easy and actually enjoyable. A part of the application process is the Parsons Challenge which is basically to illustrate something overlooked in your life three times. I'm not going to say what the theme is until I finish. (Paranoid someone might try to steel my idea). 

I started the 1st one.

There is still a lot I need to do. Being the queen of tedious details, I would say this is half way down. 

I've been meaning to work on this, but obstacles keep getting in my way. I still have school (even if I skip a lot and am pretty lax on the homework). I'm always tired. I went to Florida for a week (don't regret that). Today was going to be a day dedicated to finishing this, but then I ended up in the hospital all day because I thought  I had contracted e coli. Luckily,  I only have a virus. But I still feel miserable. 

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