Saturday, February 19, 2011

Analyze the subtext

So the first proper thing I draw in NYC (and in 2011) is this lovely mess of a...


I had an audition tonight that I have been obsessing over ever since it was posted. As of the moment, I am anxiously awaiting a callback. This was all an attempt to calm my nerves. 

I feel like this is a reflection of my psyche at the moment. When I started, I had this luminous art-deco idea. Something along the lines of Tamara de Lempicka.  Then as I continued, I was somehow reminded of Picasso. Then I realized that the person had a striking resemblance to my mother! What could this mean!?
Tamara de Lempicka at WorkImage by Happy A via Flickr

(Coincidentally, that is exactly how I look when I paint).

Even the title is peculiar. I was about to call it "For the Light to Shine Upon It." But I opted for "For the Light to Shine Upon Her." I needed to add the gender specific pronoun; I was getting scared by my own art (A common occurrence). 

In conclusion, not much effort was put into this. I tried to clean up some of the more messy areas, but the overall harmony seemed to be amiss without them. Regardless, there is some deeper meaning to this. I just am a little too nervous to figure out what it is.

Also, an apology to my mother. She is more beautiful than this. But if she wants to, I can make this into an unofficial, accidental portrait. 


I think I have deciphered my thoughts! The original design in my head was all glamorous. That derives from my desire to be as glamorous as actress as Greta Garbo. I also sought out the style of Tamara, who happened to be Polish. Currently, performing in Poland is what I have been battling for. Ha-HA!!
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