Monday, January 24, 2011

Belated Big News


After (technically) 6 years, I am finally done with the painting! It was my goal to finish it before I left for NY. I'm a little surprised I kept my promise. 

When I first posted about this painting, I had already titled it "Long Aisle" so I could have a specific tag. I'll keep the name, although I feel like it doesn't correlate with the finished product. Ah well, I've warmed up to the name.

And yes, the picture's quality is terrible. It shows none of the details I toiled over. Anyway! The part I am most proud if is...

The signature!! 

It's beautiful how I am unable to paint thin, curved strokes. The sign of a true virtuoso...

Hopefully, this will be hanging in my family's kitchen. That was our intention when I bought this canvas all those years ago.

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