Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lapse into the familiar.

Hi, everyone! Long time no post!

The fantastic news is that I am now officially living in NYC. The not so pleasant news is that I am going through somewhat of an identity crisis and I can get pretty lonely. Since I am too tired to leave this chair and a little bit blue by the lack of lighting, I'm going to take this opportunity to finally post something new. Who knows? Maybe this will be the therapy I need.

This is a continuation my last Madison trip.

Although there is still snow now, I can tell it's December in this picture. The snow looks too fresh and desirable. 

I can see Xmas!

This mail box is still in use.

There was such a lovely glow that day.

The tree was really well selected this year.

It's funny; I have select songs that I like to listen to when I visit this building. They so perfectly match the grandeur and I like to imagine how wonderful it would be to have a ball here. 

Even the bathrooms are elegant! 

Looking out onto a freshly snowed State St.

There is much more to show, but it is late and I am quite tired. So for now, adieu! 

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