Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm not a narcissist! Really!

Today, my mother pointed out that the house is filled with portraits of me.

1. The oil painting I have been racing to finish.

2. The first piece I did on Illustrator.

3. The pastel portrait from AP Studio. 

Coincidentally, it rests on top of the collage of all my class pictures. 

4. This was drawn by Megan Watling. It was an assignment of hers that I modeled for. I'm supposed to be a typical MIAD student, hence the Pabst Blue Ribbon and cigarette. 

It was fun acting like a hipster and being all disgruntled. 

5. A portrait of 11 year old me drawn by my mother.

6. Drawn by my mother before I left to study in Japan.

7. This one is quite old. I was only 3. Again, a drawing of my mom's.

That is a lot. Yet, I have been ignorant this whole time. Not sure how I should feel about this. 

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