Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In the finishing mile

Aaahhh I'm almost done!! 

Today was a day of quiet angsting. I didn't get the job I wanted and the housing search is still making me feel helpless. 

So what do I do? Paint crappy paintings! It makes me feel somewhat productive and gives me the illusion of making a difference in the my career. 

Pessimism aside, I broke my promise and worked on the clouds again. I'm satisfied this time. Not going to mess with them anymore!

But my main concentration today was on:

The tank-top! 

I was at a loss as to what I could do to improve it. I had painted it a lovely dark pea-green (note the sarcasm), but it was still too plain. So, I repainted it a greenish brown. Nice. 
Originally, I thought about adding some red. But let's face it, practically every drawing of mine features blue and red. To jazz it up, I added gold strokes!  

The face (and less importantly, the arms!)!

Skin tone mixing is a dangerous thing. I kept trying to "command + shift" everything. Adobe programs have made me spoiled. 

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