Friday, December 17, 2010

Let's get this over with!

This painting's hiatus is officially over! Technically, it never was on hiatus. It was more like I was avoiding it because it kept opening up emotional scars! I won't lie, I was crying when I started painting it again. 

Good news! I'm done with the clouds! Though I can only stare at them with contempt. I'm not satisfied with the result, but I feel this is the best they will get. But after looking at this photo, they don't seem too shabby...

I even worked on my hair! It may look monotone in the photo but it's actually a colorful array of meticulous strokes and tiny highlights!! I need to take a better picture when it's done!!!

So hopefully, I will be done soon. After all, I promised my parents I would be done before I left for New York. 

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