Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ironing out my muddled mind

It's coming along. Bit by tiny bit. 

I'm quite pleased with the plane pattern. Though the concept is simple, making the swatch was delicate stuff. I, for one, am not very accurate with measuring. Rulers are one of my many enemies. So to space the planes evenly, I made tiny little colored blocks. How archaic!! 

I'm also trying to incorporate graphic styles using font. It's an area I am definitely not comfortable with. For starters, what the hell do I write? I'm afraid the text is taking on a bit of an Engrish flare. For example, what does "1P" mean? Multiple meanings pass through my head and not a single one is significant. To be honest, I just wanted to put some text in that shape. "It's like a little badge!!" is probably what I was thinking. 

What shall I add next?! 

I really don't know. 

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