Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To partake in my pattern tendencies

Oh young flight attendant

How your glance sends my heart aflutter

May I borrow your dress? 

This was only a matter of time. So if you haven't realized already, I am infatuated with flight attendants of the Golden Age. Would I have become one if I was alive in the '60s? Yes. Though it's only the image that I love. The actual job isn't as glamorous. Shame.

Every time I go to the Third Ward or Madison, I am overcome with a desire to design patterns or some kind of stationary. Unfortunately, that fire is always out by the time I reach my computer. This time, though, I shall conquer my muse!! But it's surprisingly difficult conveying the blurry image in my mind  to something crisp and solid on the screen.

My thoughts on the outcome thus far:

Is she wearing the flag of Denmark? Is she a blond Japanese woman?! Is she Maki Nomiya?!! The things that are beyond my control... 

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