Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Hell and Back

First thing I have drawn in awhile. I'll blush if I explain this. Oh my maiden heart!

All in all, things have been getting better. I'm trying to establish some sort of rhythm, especially after the "Week from Hell." Though sometimes I realize I'm still shell-shocked. To keep my mind off of things and to give me a little strength, I turn to certain...interests. 

Yes. Generals. Though I am pretty particular about who I idolize. My current favorite is - can you guess - MacArthur. 

About a month ago, before that week, I went to the Highland Games. It was at that fateful place that I found this:

Gaaah MacArthur's crush cap!!! 

And my passion was set aflame once again...

I did buy a crush cap that day, but not MacArthur's. 1. Too expensive (not that the one I bought was cheap either). 2. Too big 3. I'm not good enough to be a pseudo five star general. 

A few days ago, I made a pilgrimage to MacArthur Square.

There's me being respectful.

So I guess the point I'm trying to get across in this very not-art-related tangent is that these are the famous dead people that keep me excited enough to keep going forward; regardless of the challenges. 

By the way, that sketch is pretty much my Halloween costume. Just saying. 

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