Sunday, October 3, 2010

The "Moist" Fair a Rose!

I finally get out of my drawing hiatus and this is the what I do?

If I can give credit to anything for provoking me to pick up the pen again, it's (NSFW) DO NOT look at this site unless you want to see the bowels of the art world. 

Since I have been pretty much censoring myself from anything mainstream, today in general could be described as "Looking at the worst of the world and it's skills" Day.

I was chatting with the lovely Kiki and like always, our chat got a little creative.

Which brought up Heatcliffe. He's a character that first showed up on Kiki's birthday card this year. He's basically my romance novel persona and oh-so sexy! 

Because of today's events (or lack of), I decided to draw Heatcliffe and Franessicarial (yes, I made that name up on the spot) in the style of that tumblr. It's quite epic. I even added poetry! I chose a font! ROMANCEEEE

So I can honestly say drawing with Photoshop for me to synonymous to crap.

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