Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stairs and Bottles?

I have returned to my Mecca! After more than a month, I was finally able to go back to Madison. Yet again, I satiated my photography whoring with pictures of the Capitol Building. 

But first, the Theater.

The natural light was quite exquisite that day.

This is the perfect place to host a ball. Yes, my fairy tale princess dreams are showing.

I'm suddenly thinking steam punk?

My favorite view.

A run off of that one coke bottle photograph from here. This time featuring my new "Keep Calm Carry On" slogan. 

Perched on a step! Seriously, that bottle was bought just 30 minutes earlier. I was so excited, I had to photograph it immediately. 

You may think "Hipster!" Fear not, I do not buy into the hipster agenda (I make it sound like a political party). I merely appreciate the historical value, font choice, and color of this slogan. It also helps me calm down (and drink more water). 

Duwaaaah~ The chipmunk is eating my chip!

The "sale" basement of my favorite shoe store. Obviously not the Capitol, just a nice layout. 

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