Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When did my lead-ins ever make sense

The above trailer is for a movie that is very difficult to watch, but very profound. Despite all the gloom, what I really loved was the sets. The burning house metaphor (literally a burning house) and the empty theater where it all ends up taking place; I love it all. 

Although it takes place in New York, I can only think of Milwaukee when I see that city. Maybe it's because I saw the trailer at the Oriental, or maybe it's cause that particular "grittiness" seems so much more Milwaukee than New York. 

So on the topic of Milwaukee and grittiness and nothing at all related to "Synecdoche, New York," I bring you some photos from my latest expedition to the Historic 3rd Ward. 

This is the only picture where the tag "gallery" comes into play. It's in the back of the store "Hot Pop" and although I never like the artists they feature, I love the interior architecture. 


Said store from outside. 

The lovely gritty city itself~

I actually think my dream house is a loft in an old factory building downtown. The type that has old paneled wooden floors. Maybe brick walls and pipes on the ceiling. 

Here is where we ate. I liked being up on the loft. That way I could watch over the domain. Hungry? Yes. Power hungry? Yes.

Product placement! Can I get some money now? 

This particular coke was quite yummy cause they used real sugar. They even used a real glass bottle too! I liked it so much that I just had to have it hovering in front of a nice apartment building. 

This is the kind of stuff that is fodder for so many of my recent illustrations. Large cities are my muse. I always want to draw them, but they are so damn hard. Way too many details!

I hope this post was a little entertaining. I really just wanted to blog about something since my little funk has ended and my schedule has cleared up. I know this is an art blog, but avoiding the things that give me ideas for my art is just sinful.

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