Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The bacon has become the toothpaste!

I'm celebrating this like I do with all my other half year long projects (meaning the pic is set to "x-large" instead of the usual "medium."). The thing is with this one, I just threw away my perfectionism and just did whatever the hell I wanted to! That made this picture a lot easier to draw. 

It was pretty good therapy cause today was kind of crap. Just one of those days that I am reminded of how much debt I will be in. 

Argh I really have nothing to say to this. Basically, my mind threw up and this is what I got. And this is supposed to be a birthday present for a dear friend. Aren't I nice. Well, what is more "Thea" than her mind purging? Maybe the lovely "Thea" on the skirt? That is supposed to be my signature. I wanted to put "Thea ©10" like I do on all my stuff, but guess what? That font can't do any symbols; not even numbers!

What did I expect? It was a free font...

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