Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sun tanned?! I think not.

I only seem to work on this when it's sunny and warm. Actually, it was so nice today that I painted outside. Unfortunately, the wind knocked the painting over a few times. Bust smudges can be repaired! Hoo hah! 

Not that this is at all exciting. But I had bought bigger brushed (in preparation for the background). But guess what! They just absorb the paint and don't reapply it to the canvas. So I guess it's back to using the palette knife. *Cries in self pity*

I have to say, my pseudo self portrait is turning out pretty tanned. I will confess that this picture is going to take place in LA, so maybe pseudo me can actually tan. Real me can tan...on my arms and legs only. Which is still a pretty big feat feat for a redhead. 

In other less important news, I did not win that "Life in Motion" contest. I am not surprised. The contest was hosted by a site that is not that, ummm, glorious. So no feelings hurt. But I swear on the bottle of water that I am drinking right now that I WILL win an IMPORTANT art competition/ award someday! 

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