Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FLOWERS (and an arm)

I would say I'm making pretty good progress on this. Ok, I could probably be faster. But each new addition is a little exhausting. I have to make sure that the outlines are perfect, since, for once, there is a stroke! 

The hair....made me want to cry. It wasn't the whole "negative space" that was painful, it was the "make sure it's visible at a magnification of 5%." So after much adding and deleting, I think there is the right amount of gaps and the right amount of spacing between them. 

The dress is so-so. I can't let it stay this plain. I have a reputation to uphold!!

Now the arm...that damn arm. Yes, the arm in the sketch was way too long. Behold, this isn't a quick sketch. Instead this is one that was painstakingly drawn from a reference of my own arm. This must have been the hardest part thus far and it was aaaaall because of the strokes. If it's too thick, the fingers look nonexistent and chubby. If it's too small, it not consistent!

So basically, all my pain is from the strokes. See why I never use them in my other art?

The flowers are a new addition as well. I just don't have anything to say about them. They were nice and easy. 

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