Sunday, May 9, 2010

My job is to make people uncomfortable and wish they never came to this

I participated in Kirsten's Dali inspired piece at the Haggerty Museum.

Unintentional  blurriness + dirty window = urban outfitters catalogue


To tell the truth, I like the Haggerty building more than the actual art. Though maybe that is because the running theme was religious, and religious art always makes me nauseous. 

I was prepared to reprise my role as "the spoiling mother" and even dressed up for it. The best "mom costume" I could put together was a loose red button-up shirt, jeans, and a hair clip. I even wore my class ring to look like I was married. 

This is what I was to play:

As Perry yelled at passerby's, "You are eating the Christ child! You are eating your sin!" It was hard to not crack up. The whole experience was really entertaining. I would walk around wearing the bag, devoid of peripheral vision, trying to collect food and just basically scaring people.


Megan acted as my seeing eye dog/ husband and led me around. It was a pleasant stroll. 

Notice how the cheese and meat is sticking to the plate? Magic.

Of course I also took pictures of the city. 

Of course I interacted with other pieces. 

Kelsey does an excellent job of becoming accidental art. It happens all the time with her.

This is when we were leaving. I got left behind since I kept stopping to take pictures. I ran skipped to catch up. In mid hop I pulled some muscles. It was painful, but I think this shot made it worth it. 

In other news, I didn't win the Takumi's Heart logo contest. Ooooooh well. But you can still buy from my logo's shop

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