Friday, May 14, 2010

It's like watching history unfold!

Exciting news, everyone! I am designing the logo for the Mystic Moon Brewery Co! I also assume that I will design the label too. But let's not jump ahead of ourselves here.

Besides the fact that designing for a beer company is extremely fun. What makes it even better is that the logo is Alphonse Mucha inspired!

This was the first rough sketch. Forgive me for the fact that I am too lazy to use a scanner. Oh, I do currently have one, I just don't like using it. The idea is a woman saluting with a pilsner glass. The original idea was that she faces forward.

It was changed to her saluting to the moon. A slightly rapid change, but I don't mind. The little border on the right was poorly thought out. I could have definitely done better.

The final sketch! After only 3 times. Pretty quick. So I finally went to work on a proper border. I didn't look at too many references because the last thing I need is to be sued for copyright infringement from the Mucha Estate. So it's hard to tell, but the final idea is to have a neutral nature backdrop for the border.

Tomorrow I will start on the real thing in Illustrator. I have a bad relationship with the ruler, so don't worry, this will actually have straight lines!

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