Friday, April 9, 2010

Out with The Old

There is a little store downtown that recently enquired some lovely 60's-esque paintings. I want them all. Though with an average price of $279, that endeavor will not become reality any time soon.
So I was told to make my own and reminded that I have a large forgotten canvas. "Bing" went my little lightbulb. It is a nice canvas. It is forgotten. And it has an unfinished painting on it.
I threw away sentimentality years ago, so I was completely fine with erasing a relic of my past. What helps is that it's a relic from arguably the worst year of my life.

It's pretty much a collage of over-emotional symbols. I honestly forget what the rainbow salmon-catfish hybrid represents. But it's rainbow. Ugh. Well, no one ever said that depression was not colorful.
Then there's that tree...I think I was trying to represent how there was no common decency for the unique. What I really remember is that painting with acrylics was hell.
As for the sketch of the face in the bottom right corner, her hair was going to be waves. She was quickly abandoned, though, because I was in a transition of how I drew people.

I primed it today, and I don't have any regrets. After all, this unfinished painting represented sad 14 year old me and I don't like hanging onto that. So I shall replace it with something by 19 year old hopeful me.

And it will probably have a plane on it.

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