Friday, April 9, 2010

Already at my reserves!

I have gotten to the "Life" part in my "Life in Motion" contest entry. I had a vision of how I wanted it, but when it came down to actually drawing it, I am horribly lost.
I still have the vision, but it's such a scrabble that if I draw it all out bit by bit and don't like the outcome, I pretty much have to start over. That's part of the challenges with drawing in Illustrator for me, everything is too solid. I hope that doesn't apply as a psychological metaphor to me life...

Then I had a tiny epiphany!!

I drew a chandelier.
That supposedly solves my problem.

Actually, even this chandelier in itself posed a tedious challenge to me. At first it was salmon color (yuck). Then I changed it to a coral-ish red. But I decided that was too kitsch, so onto white it became!!
Each time I changed it, though, the brushed had to remade, then the strokes had to be done separately and on and on and on the pain continued.

My problem of "Life" resurfaced yet again.
So what did I do?
Well, what I do in every picture that I get stuck on:

My God do I have a one-track mind for subject matter. Anyway, this is just the beginning stages. If I am going to draw a plane, then dammit it will be a nice plane!

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