Friday, April 23, 2010

Just to Prolong the Excitement

I have finally finishes "It passes by." It was even submitted within 2 hours of the deadline. I never procrastinate that badly, so the feeling of last minute stress was kind of invigorating. 
Although I could just show you the entire finished picture, I feel like I need to explain some of the last few details. I also just want to draw out your agony.

I was originally drawing skyscrapers. After trying to draw the windows in the fisheye lens style, I quickly gave up. Besides, the buildings were looking pretty malicious. So I opted out for a smaller, more colorful/friendly building. The inspiration for it was from a photograph of a building with a huge window in the center. Then the brick street and perspective is from a photograph of Hakodate, Japan. I really want to go there!

It is a very sad attempt at either. The perspective is definitely incorrect, and the windows are just silly shapes. I admit, I was tired of this picture and was just trying to fill space. But tell your friends that the building is just another representation of how abstract life is. 

By the way, did you notice the street tree lights? They are kind of fun, aren't they? I actually had to redraw the branches. They were originally crooked horizontally and vertically. So they started to resemble swastikas...Not good.

These lovely smoke stacks were the last additions to this picture. I had a spot that had too rapid a gradient shift from navy blue to turquoise, so "WABAM" here they are, their sole purpose to mask the errors of previous additions. 
Believe it or not, I do like smoke stacks. Even though they are quite harmful to the environment, the image they create is so powerful and foreboding. I always take photographs of the huge nuclear ones I pass when I cross the borders. 
You can't see it here, but I actually drew the smoke plumes. Those are surprisingly hard to get right. I still am not satisfied with the outcome, but I am not satisfied with this entire picture in the first place, so oooh well. 

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