Friday, April 23, 2010

It passes by

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It's done!!
The pain is over!

Although this picture is still giving me crap. I'm trying to upload it to my site, but it keeps saying that the format is unrecognizable. Now I am worrying that the file I submitted for that contest isn't going to work either. It hasn't shown up in the voting area yet, but I believe it's because it has to be confirmed. Although they are taking their lovely time with that. Dammit, I'm losing precious voting days! 

It's pretty obvious I am miffed by this. All of a sudden I am getting competitive over a contest I originally couldn't care less about. Hell, I don't even remember what the prizes are.
If I don't win, I probably won't be that hurt (or that surprised). First is popularity voting (I never win that!). Then comes the judges' votes (I never win that either!). But maybe, just maybe, some people will see all the blood and tears that went into this. I'm not kidding, my blood was on my computer a few nights ago. 

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