Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do physics still apply in surrealism?


I am facing a problem of common sense. 

Her hair is blowing to the left <---

The reasoning is that "life" is passing by so quickly that it actually makes a disturbance.


The Plane!

Hey! It looks better since the first screen shot!

It's coming in from the opposite direction -->. So if this piece actually made sense, her hair would be blowing to the right due to the oncoming force of the plane. Should I even bother trying to make this physically possible?

I want to keep it visibly pleasing more than anything else. Consistent movement is definitely a large factor in that. If I'm so stubborn on keeping the hair in the same direction, I could just make the plane go in the opposite direction. But the backside of a plane really isn't attractive. I'm also too lazy to redraw it.  

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