Friday, July 15, 2011

Heian Cosmopoitan

I finished this around May 23 but am just posting in now. 

So there you have it, my lovely magazine cover submission. I'm quite proud with how it turned out. Especially the cab details. I think I reached a new level in Illustrator realism! Boo-yah.

On the down side, I didn't win the contest. I'm not upset. Especially when I consider the fact that the contest was probably just a ploy to get free cover art. Though I do question their choice in illustrators in the past...

On to the clothing!

I decided to skip the "mo." I couldn't find a clear illustration on how it was tied to the karaginu and it would've looked awkward. Frustratingly, I just found this site. Ah well, it turned out for the best, methinks. 

Rekishi no Tabi

I tried to integrate summer colors into her juni-hitoe. An example of a summer motif was blue waves and red maple leaves. That was just what I wanted to read! Before work even began, I envisioned warm and cool reds and blues. Though I have to mention that I am a complete sucker for those colors (I need to broaden my color horizons). Regardless, I do try to be somewhat historically accurate with my art.  

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