Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting down and dirty

I made a new tag!

Today is a good day. Something that I was dreading for a long long time is taken care of! The weather is also nice. So I thought, "Bitch, git yo ass to work on that canvas."

Tadaaa! It has improved, methinks.

I'm working on adding in all the small creases in the foil. The best approach seems to be to just make a bunch of messy little strokes all over the place. We'll see how this technique turns out.

I'm undecided about the background. I was toying with the idea of a light pattern, but that might be too distracting. I want the chocolate to be the center of attention! I did add some burgundy on the bottom right. It's decadent and dramatic. Though I keep thinking it's from the hell fires below. That's kinda scary.

Here's a picture of my little kitty. She is a good painting companion.

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