Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Point of Origin

It is widely believed that my love of large cities stemmed from a visit to Chicago when I was 3 years old. Even then, my un-evolved self was able to appreciate the towering skyscrapers and impressive architecture. Upon this latest visit, one could say my reaction upon seeing its silhouette in the distance was no different than those many years ago.

I shall share some photographs of this recent experience.

The city beckons!

Chicago has such a rustic grit. I love it.

My new interest in parking garages.

I was inclined to join in in the frolicking as well.


An asteroid, I presume.

It smelled like chai.

Brazilian jazz and gorgeous architecture. All around perfect atmosphere. 


The bean!

A majestic lamppost.

Millennium Park has become my favorite Chicago location. 


Suddenly feeling nostalgia towards my childhood abstract period.

The famous Marshall Field's clock. Unfortunately, the store itself is now a Macy's.

Now this decor really stood out to me.

Even the planter and foliage match!

The curvature!


Train station...

taking us away~

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