Sunday, August 15, 2010

I can guarantee it is never normal with me

To (unintentionally) commemorate my 80th post, here is my latest self portrait! It took a weird turn, that's for sure. Though I think I had a feeling it wouldn't be conventional since the beginning. 

It's similar to the first portrait I did (my first piece done in Illustrator!). So I'll say it's a homage (instead of admitting that I lack creativity in self portrait poses). 

Since it is similar to the one drawn in '08, it shows how much personal growth has elapsed. For one, there is a plane, which has become the staple of my art. Secondly, there is a city in the background. I have loved huge cities since I was 3, but it wasn't until recently that I fully accepted that into my life (and ambitions). Thirdly, the color choice is a lot more subtle. In '08, I must have still been lapsing into the tacky japanese glittery-ness that had plagued me ever since teaching. 

For comparison, you may view the 2 year old self portrait. Just click the entire article!

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