Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer + Outside Events = Me Trying To Be Social

Know what has been missing from this blog for awhile?

Amateur photography!

A skyscraper! Surprise!

A sculpture! Just to justify this post a little more.

I realized that Milwaukee and Fukuoka are quite similar. They both have rivers running through them. Although Milwaukee doesn't have the red light district running along its river.


Site of concert. A cool one, too. I even bought the band shirt!

Next Day.

It's impressive how the bricks are rounded for the pillars. 

When I was little, I thought the courthouse was called "The Cornhouse." Much more impressive ideas, back then.

In the background stands my favorite office building. How I long to walk inside and take pictures. Pervert.

Lighted piping!

I love shops that are in old factories/ city facilities. 

The entrance to such an establishment.

Fast-paced city montage commence!


Being "hip."

There you have it. To be truthful, I feel a little undecided as to"why" I am posting photos. Seriously, I take more pictures than a photography student. Again, seriously, I will never see myself as a professional photographer. It's just a strange hobby (obsession) and a source of inspiration for my art. It just so happens that sometimes I feel proud of these pictures and feel the need to share them. Or maybe I want to prove that I do, in fact, get out of the house.

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