Friday, June 25, 2010

It hurts too much to actually draw

This should be one of those vintage travel posters. Like, "The Bermuda Triangle: Lose Yourself Here!©"

But it isn't. This is, again, a lovely inspirational poster! The last one, like I thought, was too irrelevant to be used. Oh well. Although I always feel like I wasted precious time making something unusable for production or my portfolio. Again, oh well. It's not like I am going to delete it and pretend I never made it.

In case you were wondering about the post's title:
You could say I had a "detox"massage. It definitely was a good thing, it just left me feeling...dead? I can't quite describe it, but basically, everything I have done today was a struggle. I say this, and yet, I made this picture, I made brownies, I am even typing without spelling errors (as far as I can tell)!

So, I believe I shall be fine for tomorrow's audition!

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