Sunday, April 11, 2010

Art in Bloom: The Second Part and Maybe Not as Specific as the First!

Now I shall entrance you with my tales of museum exploration! 
What I really love about the Milwaukee Art Museum is that they allow photography in the permanent galleries. This is a plus for someone who is discovering how obsessed they are with taking pictures. This isn't necessarily referring to myself. I could be talking about anyone! Really!

I really liked this pot. Obviously, the artist was inspired by Alphonse Mucha. If I ever had the patience to read the art tags, I could probably tell you who made this. Alas, I never do.

Then we have the Rococo section! Yay! I find Rococo interesting from a distance. If I get too close, pink and blue talcum powder would probably get on my clothing. That's how I feel about Rococo: talcum powder.

This particular piece is my favorite of his. It's just so bittersweet. 

This particular piece is aptly titled "Untitled." Yes, aptly. I really like this one. Maybe cause the word is part of the title of a recently created blog? 

I was really impressed with the quality of this picture. It looks professional, even though my camera is just a regular digital (owned by a regular person who can barely level a shot).

An example of how I cannot level a shot.

I really fell in love with this. The repetition and gradation just hit me with nostalgia. Nostalgia for what, I cannot understand.  
I really should take the time to read who does these pieces!

When I get a large loft in NY, I am going to have a wall just like this.

The old suitcase had an aquatic surprise! (Don't I sound like an advertisement?) Based on past experiences, I was hesitant to look. Luckily, there was no strange political statement hiding under the floor like so many art museums like to do.
By the way, my shoes seem to match the suitcase's era pretty well. Just making an observation...

Because the museum doesn't have enough money for an entire exhibit, they opted for the italian method of just displaying one piece; encouraging you to concentrate on it long and hard. They even supply you with expansive walls covered in information! I, of course, skipped all of that.
The painting was lovely and a bit mysterious. As one overheard visitor mentioned, the strokes on the canvas were only vertical and horizontal, as if Raphael was trying to cover something. Intrigue!! 

Here we are interacting with the exhibit. Aren't we fun!

Unfortunately, the museum was closing. I guess my "admiring the artwork" wasn't fast enough. 
I am a little disappointed  because I didn't get to see the "Street Seen" exhibit, which is leaving in 2 weeks. Noooo!
At least I got this picture. It will be a lovely addition for my "stair" book. That, on the other hand, will be for another post!

On an ending note: me taking advantage of the window's reflective effects!


  1. Read the labels :)

    And take more pictures.

    when does the book on stairs come out?

  2. Haha I'm still compiling pictures. I started actually formatting the page layouts, but I got to a point where I have to make some tedious size changes. I just don't have the energy for that right now.