Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Foundation 3D Body as Form

I found this 3D a little more bearable. We had pretty much free reign over what materials we could work with. Not surprisingly, I always opted for sowing.

First Project - Protective Headgear

The prompt was to create a piece of headgear that would conceptually protect against something. It could be physical or psychological. I opted for something close to home and decided to make a hat that would protect against anxiety.

The coils are supposed to mimic lavender fields. In fact, the front and side coils are stuffed with lavender for extra effect. The felted balls mark acupuncture points. Though most of them don't deal with anxiety. The hat is a little tight, so the pressure accidentally adds to the relief. This was quite popular among my suitemates. In fact, this was even in the school's display case for awhile.

My quick illustration for the presentation board

Second Project - Transformative Article

Ok, I really have no idea what the assignment was really titled. The prompt was to create a carrying case that could transform into something else. Again, I went with something that could be useful and easy. My hopes were dashed with the latter.

Excuse the terrible quality of the photo. If you can make out anything, I'm wearing a smock! But this isn't any normal smock. It's a smock with individual pockets that can hold pencils/brushes/makers! The red straps at the bottom were last minute additions that are supposed to hold a small sketchbook. They were not a part of the original design, but I had to rationalize why the bag it transforms into had so much room. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that this smock transforms into a bag.

Here are the illustrated instructions: 

Final Project - Recycled Superhero Costume

Again, I can't remember what the real name was, but mine summarizes the assignment well enough. We had to use only recycled materials to make a costume that would cover the entire body. This was supposed to be fun but I found this quite stressful. As I am lazy and unskilled with creating clothing, I felt that accidental nudity was imminent in my future. 

But no! It survived presentation day! It also turned into a political joke reflecting the current economical climate of Greece.

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