Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Carmel Dove Chocolate®

Viola! A portrait of my favorite camping chocolate!

Whenever I stay with Kelsey, we bring Dove® chocolates and Arbor Mist® wine. It's a tradition her family started and has become the preferred delicacies whilst watching outdoor concerts.

As of late, caramel has become my favorite and I wanted something to use my new metallic gold oil paints on. I even "borrowed" gold leaf from Megan (I definitely disregarded the instructions).

Originally, I was aiming for a realistic representation. I soon realized that the metallic paint doesn't allow that. If it does, I have no idea how. So at the end, I scrapped that original plan and went a little trigger happy with gold and red.

I've come to like the outcome, even if there were many moments where I wanted to take a knife to it.

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