Monday, August 9, 2010


I was told by my doctor/ massage therapist that I should draw self portraits. I suppose, as a way to improve my confidence. Self portraits are something that I really enjoy doing. Doing one annually has become an attempted tradition. I'm already failing at this new tradition, though. The first and last one I did was in 2008. I did attempt one while in Japan, but it morphed into the unspeakable creature of what I posted awhile back. 

So anyway, I took his advice, but wasn't in the mood to actually draw. It seems this summer has been a vacation for my creativity as well (or maybe it's due to stress). What gave me the final push was in fact Truman Capote. I was reading his unfinished "Answered Prayers." I don't know if I should blame his drug abuse, but that particular writing frightened me. I was suddenly afraid that my ambitions would lead me down a path of endless misery. So in an attempt to relieve myself of this new stressor, I started drawing this (and stopped reading the book). 

Originally, this was going to be incredibly stylized (possibly like the illustration for Breakfast at Tiffany's). Tough it's about time I realized that I am not so good at straying from my typical style (when portraits are involved). As long as there is a mirror to use for reference, it will always be somewhat realistic. Well, as much as Illustrator and laziness allows.

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