Saturday, July 3, 2010

Morning Glory...


Yes yes, very bad taste. Now unto the picture!

At first, I had no idea how to go upon drawing this. Morning Glories are simple flowers, but still waters run deep and that metaphor doesn't really match with this picture. In the end, gradients were the only solution. But I hate using gradients! *wines* Moving those little swatches around is so tedious. Though they really are useful. They were also probably the solution to the rose.

Whatever. What passed has passed and I am not going to touch that bastard child of a picture ever again! (No offense to the bastard children reading this. I have friends who are bastard children).

Now I think this would be the perfect complementary piece when you are out in the yard drinking a martini. Like when the grass is freshly mowed and the pool boy is doing the only thing he does. You know, those moments. Actually, I don't know. I am completely making this all up and I keep rambling. Why? Because it's fuuuun and I'm tired!

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