Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For her birthday, Songa requested a drawing by me. She didn't tell what exactly the subject should be; just "something Thea." Well since I only seem to draw people (and usually women), guess what I'm drawing?

(I guess I didn't crop the screencap this time...) Anyway! Since my usual drawings take about a month to complete, I had to come up with something simpler. But I couldn't come up with any simple drawing off the top of my head (must have been the beginning of my drawing block). Luckily, I keep 3 notepads full of sketches of (possible) future drawing ideas. One was simple enough and catered to my interests at the time (I have ideas of all variety!). 

Though maybe it's slightly unfortunate that I decided to try a new style. Definitely makes it take longer. I'm not too happy with how it's turning out right now, either. It seems to be building off the whole "negative space" look, but I swear to god her arms are bacon. 

Well, bacon does seem to be an internet meme, in a way.

This picture is supposed to be a surprise. I think it will remain one since I doubt that Songa frequently (if ever) looks at this blog. Not that I blame her. *cries*

In other news, the Mystic Moon logo was "Ok'ed!" Yay! For once my art is for sure being used. I was actually hired! It wasn't a contest! Huzzah!

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