Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can I forecast my future from a painting that I am painting?

That's what I feel like!

The sky has begun! That's right, I am dictating the creation of a new world. Isn't that what art is? ooooh now I'm getting philosophical.

Like the title says, I feel a little discomforted by this. The sky is good...but it's kind of gray. Like before it rains!! I didn't intend for this to happen, it's just that the only blue that I own mixed with the only white I own makes the only kind of light blue I can make.  Fun sentence! 

So what significance I got from this is that since 1) This is supposedly me and 2) It's future successful me and 3) The sky is cloudy. Therefore: I'M DOOMED all caps!

No. I won't let this happen, I'll make the sky brighter! I can control my destiny! After all, I only believe my horoscope when it's good. 

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