Monday, May 24, 2010

My Way

Argh! A song reference for a title!

I have to admit, I was having some "work blues" today. It happens once in a while. It's when I feel like a failure for not having a normal part-time job like my other college friends. Sure, I have applied to places. Due to strange circumstances and my own personal feelings, I have remained "normal" jobless. It's really not so much of a problem. It's just what happens when I compare myself to others. I should really realize by now that I am definitely not like most people. 

Though my angst did have a positive result: progress on this logo!

Though the Pilsner was drawn a few days ago, everything else new was drawn today! Huzzah!

That first paragraph was kind of embarrassing. I got so personal! I really don't like getting personal; it shows off my weaknesses! But I think it kind of built up the climax of this post. Though the whole "Progress!" isn't much of a climax. Disregard everything I have said in this post.

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