Sunday, April 25, 2010

Takumi's Heart

There is a logo contest for a charity called Takumi's Heart.
Takumi has Ventricular Septal Defect. His parents won't take financial responsibility for his treatment because he is gay. Recently, Takumi was beaten and kicked out of his home for the same reason and is now staying with a friend who is an JET teacher in Japan. 
The charity is to raise funds for his treatment. I found this charity through a facebook ad. Unfortunately, there aren't that many fans; just a little over 1,000. 
The contest ends on the 30th. They will sell their favorite logos and whichever one sells the best in a week is what they will choose. 

Here is mine.

I won't get paid, but I prefer it that way. This is purely for charity. It's also a nice addition to my portfolio. I had fun making this and if it can make any difference, that's good enough.

I have no idea what my competition is like, but I am feeling pretty confident about this.

Again, here is the link:


  1. Thank you for your logo entry! I'll send you a proper note tomorrow. I just wanted to comment here and thank you so much for your help and for writing about Takumi on your blog. And I'm happy that those Facebook ads are actually working and not a waste of money.

    Please take good care!

  2. I'm hope I did justice in explaining the charity. I, for one, notice ads. So keep promoting!