Monday, April 12, 2010

The Sea!!

The "Life in Motion" progress has slowed down quite a bit. I have been hoping for an epiphany, but no such luck. Ideas come with time, but with a deadline in a bit over a week...

So I turned to the advice of my friends! Normally , I don't trust their input (on relationships, politics, and cooking). But this is harmless enough, so I asked away.
Lorelei suggested water. Not the most creative idea, but I didn't expect much from her. 

So here is a lovely speckle sea! Actually, as I look at this screenshot now, I need to fix something...Good job, Thea!

I also drew a little sail boat. If anyone cares.

What I really like is the chandelier above. It's like a freaky sun replacement. Oooh this is starting to have similarities to Salvador Dali. As much as his artwork creeps me out, people have noted that there are similarities in my artwork. Hmmm. 

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